Dikir puteri – a popular song in Thailand

It was about 3 years ago whilst in Phuket that I came across this song  blasting out from one of the pubs/clubs near Patong. Made me stop dead in my tracks it did.

“What what?! Noraniza Idris’ song being played here? Biar betul!”

Well, to be precise it was an even more upbeat version of the song (!) I spoke the local chap there, and he mentioned that the song had gone mainstream, at least in some circles. How nice I thought. The popularity of the song was once again made clear when I heard it twice in Bangkok about a year later – once playing in Chatuchak and again near the Silom night market.

This YouTube video was posted by a Thai fan.

The song was popular enough in Malaysia when it was released in 1998, but I doubt that Kak (พี่) Noraniza would’ve known that it’ll be well-received up north too, a good decade later! Fun knows no national borders. You say sanuk, we say seronok 🙂


One response to “Dikir puteri – a popular song in Thailand

  1. Sany, I vaguely remember this song…perhaps because I left Malaysia around mid 90s :p Interesting observation though! 🙂

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