Khun Benjawan in San Francisco

I was recently in California visiting a cousin to whom I had promised a visit over the the last ten years. Given my imminent relocation to southeast Asia, and with the free time that’s available, it was a good time to visit if there ever was one. I just had to, I was quite close to getting disowned as family!

I took the opportunity to meet up with Khun Benjawan Becker, who is the author of Paiboon Publishing’s Thai language book series. Anyone who is serious about learning Thai would know of her books, which I think have been instrumental over the last decade in making Thai language learning more accessible to the masses. I would certainly recommend it to fellow Malaysians. Probably best to get it online – it’s stocked by Amazon or you could get it directly from Paiboon Publishing’s website. For a more hands-on browsing experience in KL, I’ve come across them in KLCC’s Kinokuniya and MidValley Megamall’s MPH. I don’t get any kickbacks for promoting her books, I promise! They are really good especially for self-directed learning in your own time, but you do need to put in the effort . Start with “Thai for Beginners”.

Khun Benjawan and her husband, Nicholas, were such kind and gracious hosts around San Francisco on the day we met up last week. Terima kasih banyak-banyak, khob khun maak na khrab!

Left: Bumbling novice-amateur ; Right: Cool expert-guru

Paiboon Publishing has released books on Lao, Cambodian and Vietnamese languages. Maybe one on Malay will come someday? 😉


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