One month in Bangkok

It has been a wonderful month. I am now officially a Bangkok resident.

Register with the Malaysian embassy. Tick.

Register at the local sports club. Tick.

Get a local driver’s license. Tick.

Open a bank account. Tick.

Register with a doctor. Tick.

Find the nearest mosque. Tick.

I have met may wonderful new friends – Thais and foreigners alike.  Everyday brings new experience. Bangkok is buzzing and heaving with activity. And hot. It gets really hot these days – 39C today.

The whole country celebrated Songkran recently. Sanuk maak for tourists but many residents remain firmly indoors. The local papers (The Nation and Bangkok Post are the two English broadsheets) write of the high death toll on the roads in the week surrounding Songkran. Reminds me of the road traffic accidents (hello Ops Sikap!) on Malaysia roads during the Hari Raya period, though I can confidently say that alcohol plays an insignificant role during the Malaysian Ramadan compared to the hot Thai Meesaayon month.

Everywhere I go I get mistaken for a local.  I’m yet to meet a Thai who starts speaking to me in anything other than Thai. I wish I could more confidently speak back and hold a conversation. I could, but only say the basic phrases. Should anyone ask my opinion about the recent problems in the deep south and I’ll be speechless. In Thai, anyway. Ordering food and asking for directions isn’t a problem. I also speak to the taxi drivers and motorbike taxi riders in Thai. They get what I say without me having to repeat what I’d said – that’s a good start!



6 responses to “One month in Bangkok

  1. You wrote this one last night! Fun to read! It reminds me of my life in M’sia. When I was in KL, I was mistaken for a Malay girl (woman) most of the time. 🙂

    Some Malays thought I was a Chinese and called me Amoi Amoi (Maybe they notice that the way I dressed was different from the way most Malay girls dressed).

    Some others thought I was a Chi-In (short for of Chinese-Indian parentage) or a Chinese-Iban (or other orang asli groups). Wow, I didnt expect that from the way I look, I can be classified into almost every ethnic category existing in M’sia. 🙂

    Hope I comment long enough this time na!

    • Actually I don’t think you are Thai. In fact, I’m not really sure which planet you’re from 😉 LOL, just kidding na!

      Have a good trip to Rayong this weekend! We should all make a road trip from Bangkok to KL someday – that would be fun. I have my Thai driver’s license now 😉

  2. Sany,..same here! I also wonder which planet you’re from? 😛 Must be the one very far away from Earth.

    Rayong trip was fun. Road trip to KL (or KL to BKK) sounds great as long as I am not the 1st pilot!. Taking up that position on the recent trip to Rayong left me with sore back, arms and shoulders!

  3. A new entry finally! Glad to know that you’re enjoying Bangkok despite the heat. Perumpamaan : Seperti langit dengan bumi! :). Enjoy student life as much as you can k!

    • With studies,ehem, socialising and travelling, unfortunately this site hasn’t been as active as I’d like it to be 😛 Thanks for the wishes, you should really come visit me sometime – what better guide is there for your first time in Bangkok!

  4. joost paardenkooper

    Hi Shaz,
    Good to read that you’re finally studying! We know you as a travelling socializer so to open a book occasionally might benefit us all ;-)). I wish you all the best and look forward to a new entry. Hartelijke groet uit Hilversum.

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