Tuol Sleng S-21

Back in Sept 2012 I went on a weekend break to Phnom Penh with a Japanese friend. it was my second trip there and his first. Slightly macabre and definitely poignant was a visit to the Tuol Seng museum, a school which was renamed S-21 by the Khmer Rouge where people were tortured and executed.


There were many exhibits in the many classrooms – photos, personal mementos, documents, personal items; they may not have been high-tech but everything succinctly built up a picture of the evil that happened during those tumultuous years. They provided snapshots of the atrocities that occurred not too long ago, not too far from home. Most visitors were quietly contemplative, some were visibly shaken, others were somewhat boisterous, usually coming in big tour groups.


One of the stories that I came across was that of Ly Yousib and Ly Smael, two Cham brothers, as narrated by their mother. Their Malay names would have been Yusuf and Ismail.

VLUU P1200  / Samsung P1200



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