Thai ED visa in KL

Well, I’m back in Bangkok. Once again, landing in Suvarnabhumi does not feel strange nor foreign at all. It was in fact nice to hear people speaking Thai again, as a preamble to the Thai classes that I’ll be attending again tomorrow at Chula and AUA. The one thing that was marginally different this time was that I entered Thailand with a new ED (education) visa that was issued in KL, as the previous Glasgow issued one had expired.

Thai ED visa issued in KL for free!

Thai ED visa issued in KL for free to Malaysians

Living in Ampang, I’d passed by the Royal Thai Embassy on Jalan Ampang thousands of time but had only been there been there for the first time two weeks ago to apply for the visa. You could drive there and hope for getting  off-street parking in the small line next to it, but certainly the best thing to do would be to get the LRT to Ampang Park and walk the 5-10 minutes it takes to get there.

A very pleasant, albeit unexpected, surprise I found at the embassy was that Malaysia has a bilateral agreement with Thailand which allows Malaysians to be exempt from paying visa fees, hence the RM0 entry on my visa sticker as seen above. However, the KL embassy only ever issues single entry ED visas, whereas the Glasgow consulate issues multiple entry ones. Oh well, I shouldn’t complain. After all, this time around it was for FREE! 🙂 The other countries also being exempted currently are Singapore, the Philippines , South Korea and Tunisia.



2 responses to “Thai ED visa in KL

  1. it seems that this blog is DEAD, why you never update/ write this blog after march 2013 – now it is september 2013. I am in KL doing orthopedics attachment, hopefully starting training in June 2014 in UKM Cheras. where are you now ?

    If my memory serves correctly, I met you several times in Bangkok, the doctor from Indonesia

    • Hi Sugianto

      It’s probably another doctor that you met. I’m from Malaysia actually. Apologies about not updating the blog; it would be fair to say that real life caught up. I had left Bangkok and went home to KL. But as fate would have it, I’ll be back in Bangkok for work in the near future.

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